Power Generation Chemicals


HBC helps power plants deliver more power to the grid while meeting their regulatory requirements with products and services that also reduce operations/maintenance costs. Our broad of Chemicals solutions portfolio for power applications includes chemicals and services for boiler water treatment, cooling water treatment, wastewater treatment systems, fuel processing and handling, emissions reduction, and remote monitoring and real-time analytics.

Reliable Power with Fewer Headaches

  • Uninterrupted Generation: Prevent system issues and minimize downtime with our comprehensive solutions for boiler water treatment, cooling tower performance, and wastewater treatment. We combat corrosion, scale buildup, and biological growth, ensuring smooth operation and reliable power generation.
  • Predictive Maintenance and Smart Insights: Make data-driven decisions with our remote monitoring and real-time analytics tools. We provide actionable insights to predict potential issues and optimize your maintenance efforts, maximizing uptime and resource allocation.

Sustainable Operations and Emissions Compliance

  • Responsible Power Generation: Reduce emissions and comply with environmental regulations with our cutting-edge flue gas desulfurization systems, NOx reduction technologies, and other advanced emission control solutions. We help you operate responsibly while maintaining optimal efficiency.
  • Minimize Your Environmental Footprint: Reduce water consumption, minimize waste generation, and optimize resource utilization with our innovative water treatment and wastewater management solutions. We help you achieve your sustainability goals and minimize your environmental impact.

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