HPI/CPI Process Treatment

Phase Separation – An effective phase separation program facilitates water/hydrocarbon separation and addresses the formation of emulsions and foam. Our phase separation technology helps to maintain process throughput and reliable operations while ensuring high quality process waters are sent to waste treatment.
Corrosion Control – Equipment failure due to corrosion can increase
costs and lead to unplanned shutdowns. Our corrosion control portfolio
of chemistries expands operating flexibility and prevents corrosive salt
formation so your plant can maintain enhanced throughput.

Fouling Control

Much like corrosion, fouling is a major culprit to water and wastewater treatment systems, and many times, you can’t tell there’s a problem until it’s too late. Our portfolio of chemistries allows you to control fouling issues so you can maintain maximum throughput and system efficiency.

Finished Product Additives

Cost effectively meeting fuel specifications can be difficult, but our line of finished product additives does so by optimizing fuel blends and increasing flexibility. This improves refinery profitability by ensuring the most appropriate fuel option.

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Scavengers

These specialized chemicals react selectively with and remove H2S to help meet product and process specifications. Our sulfide scavengers are specifically designed to be a cost-effective solution for a broad range of operating conditions and product compositions.

Maintain Equipment Integrity and Optimize Production

  • Minimize Corrosion: Protect your valuable equipment from costly corrosion with our advanced inhibitors, protective coatings, and comprehensive monitoring systems. We prevent corrosive salt formation and extend equipment lifespan, ensuring optimal output and minimizing downtime.
  • Prevent Fouling: Eliminate clogged pipes and optimize process efficiency with our specialized anti-fouling chemistries, filtration systems, and proactive maintenance strategies. We keep your process lines running smoothly and protect from the hidden threat of fouling, maximizing throughput and profitability.

Enhance Finished Product Quality and Cost-Effectiveness

  • Fuel Blend Optimization: Meet fuel specifications efficiently with our line of finished product additives. We optimize fuel blends and increase flexibility, allowing you to produce the most appropriate fuel option and improve refinery profitability.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Our additives deliver exceptional value, helping you meet stringent specifications while minimizing production costs. We understand the importance of maximizing your bottom line and offer solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Embrace Sustainable Operations

  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Scavengers: Our specialized H2S scavengers react selectively with and remove H2S to meet product and process specifications. They are cost-effective and adaptable to a wide range of operating conditions and product compositions, ensuring safe and sustainable operations.
  • Responsible Waste Management: Reduce your environmental footprint and minimize waste disposal costs with our advanced wastewater treatment solutions. We offer robust technologies for clarification, sedimentation, and advanced purification, enabling safe disposal or water reuse, depending on your specific needs.

Partnering with HexaBonds Chemicals, you can experience

  • Enhanced Profitability: Increased operational efficiency, minimized downtime, and optimized resource recovery lead to improved profitability and a competitive edge.
  • Operational Excellence: Achieve peak performance and consistent output with our reliable solutions for every step of your HPI/CPI process.

Sustainable Future: We are committed to helping you achieve your environmental goals with responsible chemical formulations and innovative water treatment technologies.

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