Down Stream Refineries Chemicals

Running a safe, reliable, and profitable operation is crucial for refining—especially since a failure in one part of the operation can wreak havoc on the entire refinery. HexaBonds Chemicals has proudly served the refining industry and we’re leading the way in the research and development of chemical solutions to tackle the most complex water and process challenges.
Our chemicals solutions portfolio for refining applications includes: hydrocarbon processing, antifoulant chemical treatment, corrosion inhibitors, emulsion breakers, finished product additives, H2S scavengers, boiler and cooling water treatment, wastewater treatment, membrane chemicals, and remote monitoring and real-time analytics.

Industrial Solvents

Hexabonds provides most kind of solvents to the market from EU origins

  • Xylene
  • Toluene
  • Heptane
  • Hexane
  • Sbp 100/140
  • Sbp 140/165
  • Solvent Naphta 150
  • Solvent Naphta 200
  • Solvent Naphta 150 ND
  • Solvent Naphta 200 ND
  • White Spirit

Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

Hexabonds is able to provide a “tailor made” solution package by running site survey and water analysis in the field and laboratory. to meet the requirements.

Hexabonds can offer to customers specific Treatment Programs:

    • Cooling systems
      • Scale Inhibitors
      • Dispersants
      • Corrosion Inhibitors
      • Biocides
    • Boiler systems
      • Oxygen Scavenger
      • Neutralizing Amines
      • Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors (Internal Treatments)
      • Combustion Improvers and Neutralizers
      • Resines
      • Filming amines
    • Waste water plants
      • Coagulants
      • Flocculants
      • Filter Aids
      • Demulsifiers
      • Antifoams
      • De-Odorizers
      • Pumps
    • Reverse Osmosis Plants
      • Scale Inhibitors
      • Membranes’ Cleaners
      • Biocides

Refinery Chemicals

Hexabonds is providing high quality CHEMICALS specifically studied for refinery processes, such as:

    • Topping and vacuum units
      • Corrosion inhibitors
      • Demulsifiers
      • Fouling inhibitors
    • Thermal cracking units
      • Fouling inhibitors
      • Anti-coking agents
      • Corrosion inhibitors
      • Anti-foam
    • Coking units
      • Fouling inhibitors
      • Anti-coking agents
      • Corrosion inhibitors
      • Anti-foam
    • Catalytic cracking units
      • Fouling inhibitors
      • Corrosion inhibitors
      • Anti-foam

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